Traveller Hybrid Wireless Networks

4G & 5G Private LTE Networks with Spectrum & Roaming, Mesh Radio, Wi-Fi, Satcom, IOT, Sensors

Campuses, FOBs, Local/State Government, Education, Corporate Networks, Secure Sites/Closed Networks

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June 2021 - Huckworthy is now offering Private Spectrum for 4G and 5G networks in the US and beyond.  Call us for details on the excellent opportunity to lock in on uncontended spectrum at reasonable rates, ensuring your network independence for the next 5-10 years

March 2021 - Latest version all-in-one TMN ERSO kits with LTE, Mesh Radio and Wi-Fi are now available.  Contact Us for details on our upcoming Milspec TMN ERSO+...available this summer as a portable modular network for the toughest environments and the most flexible range of systems

Huckworthy is a Washington DC based small business specialized in wireless networks, the products and applications that run over them.

Huckworthy is a source for government and systems integrators/resellers of telecoms technology; dedicated to delivering best of breed and next generation solutions since 2012. 

Fun Fact:  What's in a name?  Huckworthy is named after a small hamlet on the edge of Dartmoor, in England.

TMN Turnkey Portable Mobile Networks

Single Case 4G LTE/CBRS Private Networks w/ optional Spectrum, Roaming, Wi-Fi, Mesh

Simple Plug and Play Anywhere in the World. "Rangeless". Design Only or Design & Build.

Secure Executive Networks, Emergency/Disaster Response Networks, Temporary Networks.


Technology Evaluation, Packaging, International Distribution

Telecommunications, Security, Sensors, IOT, Video, BioTech

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