Huckworthy Releases CFS MiniMIMO Body Antenna 


Huckworthy has released it's latest wideband body patch antenna; this time with MIMO compatibility and usable in both body worn and freespace applications.  Call us for a demo or to get hold of yours!

Join Us at the CCA Mobile Carriers Show


Huckworthy will be speaking at the Mobile Carriers Show in Denver on April 8th.  Come and listen to the future of Private and Privacy based LTE networks in the BESEN Group Private LTE Seminar

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  • Private LTE Networks
  • GSM, 3G, LTE & Hybrid Wireless Networks
  • Mesh Radio Networks
  • Intelligence Networks
  • Tactical and LEO Antennas
  • Satellite and Wireless Interconnect
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​​Huckworthy LLC is a Washington DC based  innovator, creating and distributing specialized advanced wireless telecommunications tools for government and enterprise clients; including Private LTE, Mesh Radio Radio, Encrypted communications, Network Intelligence and Antenna Solutions.

Huckworthy is a certified HUBZone Small Business and a Protege of The Boeing Company under the Department of Defense's Mentor Protege Program.

Huckworthy also provides technology and business consulting services to select business partners


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