HUCKWORTHY is a global partner with Boeing and is a prior participant in the US DoD's Mentor Protege Program under Boeing's Mentorship. 

Some of our partners - 

What we do

"HUCKWORTHY has been consulting to PlantVax and PestPen for over 5 years, and in that time HUCKWORTHY has helped us reach key new markets while increasing our success rate, our revenues and our profit margins"  – Yvonne Rosenberg, CEO PlantVax

SiRRAN is the world's leading small provider of 4G LTE, 3G and 2G Mobile Network Evolved Packet Core technology for Private LTE and Cell Networks, military tactical cellular networks in the air on land and at sea, and for disaster response/recovery networks. SiRRAN is the only EPC provider to offer true global in-roaming services as part of with it's private network architecture and is the platform of choice for clients seeking both simplicity of use and depth of function/integration capability.  Huckworthy has been a SiRRAN primary partner for over 8 years, with successful deployments all across the globe.

HUCKWORTHY was formed in 2012 to provide new ways to tackle old communications problems - such as how to get reliable secure communications anywhere in the world with the least amount of hassle and without breaking the bank or having to develop from the ground up.  Our suite of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products and services finally allows government and commercial clients to achieve this - so call us and let us solve the problem for you!

Huckworthy works primarily with Systems Integrators and Government agencies, ensuring that all solutions can be rolled-out and supported by our partner network.

Our solutions include:

  • 4G LTE, Mesh Radio, Wi-Fi and Satcom Hybrid Wireless Network Solutions (Yes, 5G is in the works!)
  • Full EPC and In-Roaming solutions for Private LTE Networks
  • Intelligence and Interoperability solutions for Mobile Networks
  • Encrypted Mobile Communications Applications
  • Packaged Portable Networks - Our proven TMN line of "networks in a box", configured to your needs
  • Remote Riverine and Maritime Safety and Surveillance Solutions
  • CFS Tactical Wideband Conformal Antennas

Huckworthy also provides technology and business consulting services to select business partners.

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