What to Expect



Technology and markets are fickle, we do our diligence to know as much about both as we can - so we can help you tackle both effectively



Our relationships have taken years to develop, so have yours.  Let us help you put those together to deliver the partners, distribution chains and even exit strategies that your company needs and deserves



Our criteria for working together are clear - Do we get along and Do we believe we can genuinely help you? Why?  Because we both want, and expect, results.

Huckworthy was founded as a Consultancy to help launch new technologies into the US marketplace, to assist companies in the design and development of new applied telecommunications products, and assist companies with partnering and M&A.  


Huckworthy continues to provide these customized services to some of the largest names in the telecommunications and applied technology industries, and some of the smallest too!


We work on some simple partnering criteria, because your time and resources are precious, and so are ours....

a) Do we have the knowledge base in the technology set or market you are seeking to launch/distribute/improve?

b) Do we think that technology, or company, has a bright future?

c) Do we think we can help it achieve that future?

d) Do we get along and will we work well together?

If we can get through those, then it's worth sitting down - because together we can hopefully do great things!