Some examples of Huckworthy's Consulting Services:

1. A small UK telecommunications company was looking for a US hardware partner with whom to address new US and government marketplaces.  Huckworthy targeted, negotiated, and closed a multiyear agreement with a >$1 Billion company for new products based on the UK company's software.

2. A Life Sciences Company wished to reduce it's reliance on government research grants and commercialize it's technologies.  Huckworthy created a new business model that has led to substantial sales growth and now less than 35% of revenues from research projects vs commercial income.

3. Multiple Satellite industry companies needed assistance with wireless communications networks on the ground, including both radio and Mobile/Cellular networks.  Huckworthy designed and documented solutions, and in some cases integrated and delivered bespoke solutions to meet the requirements of the customer.

4. A government contracting manufacturer wished to better exploit it's commercial off the shelf technologies (COTS) and expand into new markets.  Huckworthy provided diligence on the available in-house technologies, assisted in adapting them to new markets, and provided full market launch services resulting in OEM agreements with a major US household name, new markets inside the government and direct commercial opportunities through direct and reseller channels.

Huckworthy provides tailored consulting services to clients with both established and new disruptive technologies.

The majority of our consulting services are centered on new market entrance or market expansion; such as launching a UK product into the US market or a US product into the US, UK and EU marketplaces.

Huckworthy also provides technology support services including training, M&A Diligence, Technology Diligence, Contracting Support and Business Planning.

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