EARWARENESS is Huckworthy's distributed line of audio of and hearing protection technologies.  Developed in the UK by audiophiles, for audiophiles, roadies and lovers of all things noise - these solutions bring unparalleled levels of performance.  As they say - Long Live Ears!

Hearing loss is the leading cause of disability from public safety, military and industrial environments- and our solutions can make your workplace a safer place and your pastimes more enjoyable.  With low and high frequency protection from patented solid core technology, these earplugs have to be tried.

For lovers of high end audio....have you ever been frustrated because you can't make out the words to your favorite songs?  Have you been disappointed by HD Audio offers as they just don't sound that much better?  Well they do if you use earphones that can support the sound resolution on offer!  Revolutionize your music with the crystal clarity of FLARES or JETS.


Near lossless audio and full spectrum hearing protection - no one knows audio like this!



The FLARES and JETS products use AudioJet technology to replace the Acoustic Chambers of your grandfather's headphones - you'll be immersed int he difference



The Isolation provided by our hearing protection covers low and high frequencies at rates unrivalled in other earplugs - but you can still hold a conversation - even at a rock concert.  Try it!


Titanium & Aluminum Full Spectrum Hearing Protection

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You can purchase any of our Hearing protection and Audio Products online through Sampford Spiney - just click the link below!


HD Audiophile Bluetooth Earphones

Highlights of the EARWARENESS Audio Range


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