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Global Secure Mobile is good for companies from  around 10 people to over 10,000 people - it's fits your business



Global Secure Mobile's solution is NATO approved, CESG Approved, SAMSUNG KNOX Certified, ARM TRUSTZone Certified and even FIPS Validated.  This is security taken seriously, and security you can rely on!

What to Expect



Secure Voice
Our IOS, Android and Win10 apps deliver a government-grade secure VoIP capability. These easy-to-use, downloadable software applications are interoperable across everyday smartphones, tablets and desktops for collaborative communications and conferencing across the enterprise.
Secure Conferencing
Easily set up video or audio conferencing on the fly, for group communication.
Secure Messaging with Message Burn
Secure messaging provides sharing of critical information, peer-to-peer with trusted contacts. With added benefits such as visibility of available online contacts, message threads, delivery and read indication, sending secure messages couldn’t be easier. 
Secure Video
Secure Full Motion Video (FMV) and video conferencing allows crucial information to be shared in time-critical situations, allowing decision makers to respond quickly and efficiently.
Secure File Attachments
Attach images, files and voice memos within messages. A quick and easy method to securely send files from your smartphone or tablet.
Secure Group Messaging
Allows exchange of messages, images, files etc. within a group. Ideal for rapid distribution of information within a team, convenient coordination of conference calls and improved group collaboration.

Why do you need this?  Phones are not secure - pure and simple!  Your communications can be, and are, easily intercepted, recorded, monitored and used for purposes other than why you made them.  Secure your information with a simple app that works with you, not against you.


Global Secure Mobile is available in packages for businesses and agencies both large and small, so whether you're just a dozen or two, or a major multinational with many thousands of employees,  we have you covered.

Global Secure Mobile is powered by Armour; which means for larger clients and those with regulatory requirements we are able to offer private hosted secure end to end solutions, as well as our secure cloud hosted services for smaller enterprises.  

Also available in portable and tactical private network versions.