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TRAVELLER MN - Mesh Radio Networking

Mesh radio can provide from a few MB to several GB of backhaul and interconnect capability wirelessly, reliabily and securely for distances ranging from a few meters to over 100kms.  Perfect for extending the range of cellular networks, or any IP network!

Huckworthy's TMN & TRAVELLER family of solutions includes our own in-house private network cellular network solutions and radio antennas, as well as carefully selected satellite, mesh radio and intelligence products from our US, UK and EU technology partners.


All TRAVELLER solutions are tried and tested in the field, and based on the best of commercial off the shelf technologies, and offer both the technology flexibility to ensure a long lifespan, and the price point to ensure best value throughout that lifecycle.


What to Expect

TMN - Portable Private Cellular Networks. Private or Carrier interconnected networks ranging from tens to thousands of users, and from a few meters to many square miles of coverage, with complete setup in just a few minutes.   Also available in integration form for systems integrators*, or as fully turnkey mobile kits, rack mount versions and disaster response packages.

TRAVELLER CFS -  Conformal Wideband Body Patch Antenna

SISO Radio antenna with  <20 Mhz to >6Ghz range, improved propagation and gain over traditional whip antennas.  A COTS solutions for tactical and law enforcement operations. Now also available in MIMO versions also running from approx 30Mhz to 6Ghz!