UKinTheUSA is a Washington DC based consultancy and distribution specialist that has partnered with Huckworthy to promote British technologies in the USA, and US technologies into the UK.  UKintheUSA LLC will take advantage of Huckworthy's technology evaluation and wholesale routes to market, while directly developing new online and retail channels for consumer based products.  

UKintheUSA offers British companies a unique way to enter the US market whilst containing costs and maximizing chances for success.  UKintheUSA can directly distribute a UK product in the US market (once an evaluation of the products chances of success in the US has been performed by Huckworthy, and mutually suitable business arrangements have been made with the client for distribution), or can establish and run a US startup for the client to give both a direct presence and leverage our distribution chains - without the overheads, core market distraction and risks associated to staffing and creating a full startup on your own.

UKintheUSA is owned and run by Brits in Washington DC, meaning cultural and other barriers are simplified.  Yes, we really are slightly separated by a common language, and experience really does help!  Our team have been here over 30 years combined, and have helped the successful launch of multiple British companies and technologies into the US market, and helped multiple US businesses to expand into the UK.   

With the 2016 political upheavals in the UK and the US, many think that now is not the time to exercise caution; but with a weaker pound, an engaged marketplace that is fiercely pro-British and the right partners, there has probably never been a better time to launch in the US.

Contact us today to discuss how and whether we can help you, your technology, and your bottom line - and if we can't we'll give you a straight answer on that too.

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UKintheUSA also collaborates with Huckworthy's TerraFarmer and British Cellar brands, for consumables of distinction.

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