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Seamless Interoperability - Private Network-Public Carrier Network Roaming

SmartSIM allows Your Private Network SIMs to Opportunistically Roam on Global Public Infrastructure

This means that now when your SIM leaves your private network coverage area it will automatically attach to a pre-approved public carrier data network, or even opportunistically pick the carrier with the best cover and roam between those as you move

Roaming services are pooled for cost effectiveness and are available regionally, or even globally, with data packages according to your needs.  Roaming is usually 4G but will switch to 5G or 3G according to location and service availability - most importantly it will connect, so you can too

Optimized for use with Huckworthy's TMN ERSO, BTR and BMR Private Networks, but also compatible to most other quality private network implementations

Suitable for key personnel needing security at work but flexibility of movement, frequent travelers, special operators and even IOT systems

Scalable from just 50 users to thousands, with service packages and security customized for each client