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Huckworthy's TMN ERSO provides a complete 4G-LTE/5G data network in a carry on case weighing under 7lbs. Single button operation has the network running in 5 minutes or less. External RAN plugs in directly into 2 RJ45 Ethernet LAN ports, or can be  remoted across optional mesh radio add-ons to give almost unlimited range. Add-on 4G and/or 5G RAN is available in commercial, Milspec and even UAS packaging for almost any band; and in power combinations for indoor, outdoor and mobile use.

TMN SmartRAN adds the ability to switch between 4G and 5G on the fly , reducing cost and increasing function. TMN SmartSIMs add interoperability between private and public networks by allowing your private SIMs to roam opportunistically and affordably onto public carrier networks wherever private coverage is not available. A complete solution.

TMN ERSO has a built-in COTS Router with firewall and VPN backhaul options. The On-Board Hypervisor allows edge hosting of client VMs and applications (such as maps and/or encrypted communications server) or data caching. On-board low power Wi-Fi is included for ease of programming and/or as local guest network or can be disabled for secure environments. Backhaul to the internet or client WAN/LAN can be achieved over Satcom/Cellular/Terrestrial or Mesh Network.

Optional masts and power solutions are available for a true end to-end turnkey network.

In addition to TMN ERSO, Huckworthy also provides the TMN BTR and TMN BMR Milspec 4G LTE systems for mobility and rugged environments.  Based on Fenix's industry leading Banshee platform, the BTR and BMR provide multi radio 4G LTE coverage for distances for 1-7km in ruggedized DC powered units, and built in MANET/Mesh radio for backhaul and interconnection with other military networks. The TMN versions of the BTR and BMR can also house Huckworthy's embedded hypervisor and added AiRRAN core to allowseamless  add-on application servers and even external 5G network extension for even greater scalability and flexibility - true tactical 5G, delivered today.