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Huckworthy's core expertise is in advanced wireless networking; most notably 5G, 4G LTE, MANET/Mesh Networks and Satcom - and the experience to know how to make these systems interoperate properly together to ensure seamless secure coverage in any environment. Huckworthy achieves this through our exclusive TMN AiRRAN multicore capability for 4G-LTE and 5G networks, and our in-house tools that allow  our networks to easily, but securely, interoperate with the wider wide.  

Huckworthy's TMN Range of Private & Tactical Wireless Solutions Includes our all-in-one ERSO range of portable and rack mount networks for military, coalition partners, first responders, NGOs and Disaster Response.  Our TMN BTR and BMR products offer a complete line of scalable 4G-LTE and Mesh radio interconnected MilSpec solutions for Manpack, Vehicle, Airborne and maritime use.  and Commercial products for tactical, maritime, airborne, campus or even agency wide networks. 

To complement these private networks Huckworthy offers the TMN SmartSIM line of services to allow Private/Public Network Roaming and Interoperability, plus our BRAÜ network intelligence tools.  Now private network owners can roam their private SIMs onto public networks, and secure private networks can selectively allow public carrier SIM cards onto their networks - true interoperability delivered exclusively by Huckworthy.

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